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Upstate South Carolina, USA
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About Me

Born in South Carolina, Anthony grew up in a strong Christian family with a very large extended family.    Having spent his entire life in the Carolinas, he has a great appreciation for life in the South, as well as the history of the area.    The history of the South is abundant with memories of farms, wildlife, beautiful landscapes, textile mills, wonderful food, lots of churches, family gatherings, and hard work.  The Carolina Region also has some distinct travel advantages with the seashore and Appalachian mountains being separated by only a few hours drive by car.    That leaves many opportunities for any outdoor explorer, whether it be hiking, fishing, camping, or just looking for scenery to photograph.   These things left their mark on Anthony.

Anthony had many cameras down through the years.   Most of them were worn out from use long before they became obsolete.   From a young age he loved taking pictures whenever he could, and would often spend hours looking at them.

Anthony developed an interest for lighthouse history while taking vacations with his family, this slowly turned into a passion to try to visit lighthouses whenever possible.   That led to an interest in further developing his talent in photography to document his lighthouse visits.  One thing led to another and more pictures wound up generating comments from friends and family who said:  "Wow, that looks really good.   You ought to sell your pictures."    That sounded like a great idea, but took a while to bring to fruition.

He joined a group of international Christian photographers with like interests in both photography and Christian missions.   That group's website helped him sell a few photographs over the years and that also encoraged him to improve his photography skills even more.   Anthony is still a contributing member of www.photomission.com.

We often don't realize all the beauty that is around us until we slow down and take a look.    Take a look around you and notice all the beautiful things that God created.    That is what Anthony is trying to do with his photography.

Anthony currently lives with his wife and son in beautiful Upstate, South Carolina, located ideally in the middle of the metropolitan areas of Charlotte and Atlanta.

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